26 march 2021 – I Thrive in Chaos album release

I Thrive in Chaos is the first album by La Vie Sauvage, featuring collaborations with Emma Lee Cath and Xi-Void. It is about escapism, overcoming fears/depression, a personal renaissance and a dark outlook on the future. For example, ‘Post-Apocalyptic Bliss’ is about imagining a post-war city, thriving in its emptiness. ‘On a New Wave’ and ‘Upward Spiral’ are about the new phase in my life, leaving behind old fears and traumas and finding a new path. ‘Planète Sauvage’ and ‘Driven by Fear’ are about a (possible) dark future where polarization and conflict will take over and damage society. Then there’s the blissful nihilism in tracks like ‘I Thrive in Chaos’ and ‘No Brains’, calling for a party when the world is burning. Then lastly, there’s deep melancholy on tracks like ‘Melanchomania’, a song about mental issues and avoiding facing them head-on and ‘Whitespace’, a personal favorite of Emma-Lee, about death as a blissful answer to chaos.


The Revue on ‘Post-Apocalyptic Bliss’:

‘’The single recalls Ladytron and Goldfrapp in their youth. It pulses with a hypnotic array of synths and beats, which may cause one to either gracefully dance or close her eyes and be transported to another reality. As La Vie Sauvage’s production work soars, Cath’s raspy voice, which echoes Lana Del Rey, tells a tale of two people stranded in a deserted city. Because they cannot go anywhere, they opt to make the best of their situation and just dance as a way to escape and feel liberated. Her story is an anecdote of our actual lives, where we are constantly stuck and isolated. While we may be lonely, we can still find a way to express ourselves and be free. To be human again. ‘’


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29 january 2021 – Krushed release

Krushed is the 3rd single of La Vie Sauvage’s debut album, titled ‘I Thrive in Chaos’ to be released 26th of march. It features friends and earlier collaborators Luc (Xi-Void), from Amsterdam punk band Inbranders and Emma (Emma Lee Cath) who has been a longtime friend.

While the atmospheric instrumental, filled with distorted synth sounds and booming 808’s had been laying around a while, it wasn’t until last summer when Miel (La Vie Sauvage) met Luc through one of his old classmates and asked him to collaborate. Coming from a punk band and living by a live-fast die-young ethic, Xi-Void proved a good match. Topped off with the ethereal, melancholic touch of Emma Lee, Krushed was realized.

Previously featured on synthpop channels such as Astral Throb, the 80’s guy and New Retro Wave, this is a step into more experimental territory, while still keeping retro elements in the mix.


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20 november 2020 – Post-Apocalyptic Bliss release

First collaboration with long-time friend Emma Lee Cath is a fact on ‘Post-Apocalyptic Bliss’ . The cinematic beats and ethereal singing take you to a fantasy place where the apocalypse manifests as a blissful escape to everyday chaos.


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April 14th 2020 – I Thrive in Chaos release

Balancing between elegance and aggression, fusing euphoria and mischief, I Thrive in Chaos is the new single by La Vie Sauvage. Distorted 808’s rumble from the speakers, a harpsichord arpeggio tinkles and daft punk-esque synth sounds bang right in your face. Fueled by a desire for rebellion in a controlled and structured world, this track is the musical antidote to law & order.


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La Vie Sauvage fuses dystopian electro, synthpop and hip-hop into a hyped-up, energetic yet oftentimes melancholic blend. His ambition is to break genre boundaries and create his own visionary brand. Starting out playing the drums at age nine, he got a feeling for rhythm from an early age. After a few years he got into electronic music. His first serious productions were influenced by electro house and moving into his adolescence he got an interest in more rock and metal tinged beats. His debut album in this alternative style, titled ‘MCMXCIII’, or ‘1993’ was unfortunately never released due to copyright issues. Moving on from this setback he set out to create a new sound, blending both of his former styles with the addition of some new progressive influences. After his first EP in 2019, he has released several more singles and will release his first debut album under his new name by the end of 2020. For this work he has worked closely with Emma Lee Cath, providing an ethereal, melancholic touch and Xi-Void, with his jazzy rhythmic rap, both of which he knows well personally. Keep your eyes peeled, he will soon be tearing apart a sound system near you.



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